Montserrat Boardriders Club & Surf Villa

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The Vision

Like every other surfer on the planet, you dream of riding perfect waves by yourself  or with just a few friends. Perhaps you've been to Indonesia, Australia, Hawai'i, or even the Caribbean, and found great waves. As usual, however, the crowds you've encountered at every one of these places has been detrimental to your 'stoke factor'.

Now, imagine finding yourself on a beautiful Island that offers quality surf with virtually no other resident surfers. Montserrat offers waves that range from fun     2-6'+ on the windward coast to perfect peeling barrels in the 3-6'+ range on leeward side. With over half a dozen breaks to choose from, the Island is a unique destination for surfers seeking solace.

The Boardriders Surf Villa was the Robilotta Family home from 1980~1990 and again from 1994~1996. During those years, Carrll & Gary pioneered the sport of surfing on Montserrat, mapping and naming virtually every break on the Island.

Having resided on the Island of Maui since 1991, the brothers are now seeking     to refurbish/transform their former family home into an exclusive surf retreat, thusly henceforth: The Montserrat Boardriders Club & Surf Villa!

The Robilotta Brothers are seeking twelve {12} like-minded investors to become founding members of the Montserrat Boardriders Club, LLC (under organization; hereafter referred to as 'Montserrat Boardriders Club'). For an investment of $10,000., each member will enjoy usage of the Boardriders Surf Villa for two {2} weeks per year for a period of ten {10} years. During their 10-year benefit period, investors/members will have the right to sell or transfer their membership and apportioned use of the Villa. Alternatively, members may opt to offset their investment by enjoying a percentage of revenue generated from short-term rental of the Surf Villa when not used by themselves, family members, or friends during their annual two week allotment. [Under this scenario, members would receive a cheque for each week they forego their personal use of the Boardriders Surf Villa during their ten year benefit period. For example, if the Villa rents for $1,100. per week, the member would receive  a cheque for $800. (with the $300. going toward housekeeping and management fees). If the Villa rents for $1,400. per week, the member would receive a cheque for $1,100.]. Prospective investors may opt to purchase more than {1} two-week share in the Villa. Those members would enjoy a greater portion of the rental income generated from short-term rental of the Surf Villa, for each week they forego their personal use of the Villa. If a member decides to put their entire {20} weeks into the rental program, their $10,000. membership fee could net them a minimum profit of $6,000. during their ten year benefit period--a far better return than a bank CD or annuity.
Unlike conventional timeshare or vacation ownership, members of the Montserrat Boardriders Club & Surf Villa will not have any monthly or annual maintenance fees whatsoever! The initial $10,000. membership fee will be the only investment required, giving each investor a total of {20} weeks of use of the Boardriders Surf Villa during their benefit period of 10 years. This breaks down to a mere $500. per week; truly a tremendous value and attractive investment opportunity!
[Refer a friend who becomes a member and receive a rebate of $1,000. on your membership!]

The Montserrat Boardriders Club is currently accepting applications from prospective investors interested in becoming founding members.
Interested investors will not be required to submit their membership fee of $10,000. until we have a firm commitment from ten prospective investors.
Once we have attained the commitment of ten investors, we will present each investor with an Investor/Member Agreement, prepared by our attorneys. Membership fees will then be utilized to refurbish, refurnish, and outfit the Montserrat Boardriders Surf Villa. Once the Villa has been completely refurbished and outfitted, any excess funds will be deposited into a trust account for the sole purpose of maintaining the Villa.

Founding members of the Montserrat Boardriders Club will be able to request their preferred vacation week(s) on a first-come, first-served basis. Though members can 'lock-in' the same weeks every year for the duration of their membership period, they will also be allowed to trade weeks with other members in order to accommodate unforeseen scheduling conflicts or other obligations which may prohibit them from travel during their preferred/reserved dates. Members will also be allowed to roll-over their weeks; for example, if a member is not able or chooses to not travel to the Island one year, their two weeks from that year would roll over into the following year. All told, each member will have twenty {20} weeks during their ten {10} year membership period to use the Boardriders Surf Villa themselves or collect revenue from the short- rental of the Villa during the weeks they opt to not use the Villa themselves.

Following the ten year benefit period, founding members of the Montserrat Boardriders Club will continue to enjoy a reduced rental rate at the Villa in perpetuity. The rack rate for weekly rentals will be in the $1,100. - $1,400.  range, depending on the season. Rates will be subject to increase but founding members would be guaranteed a discounted rate of just $800. per week for life!

The twelve names of Montserrat Boardriders Club founding members will be inscribed on a bronze wall plaque to be mounted in the living room of the         Boardriders Surf Villa.

It should be noted that while we sincerely appreciate the interest of those wanting to invest in our Montserrat Boardriders Surf Villa, we reserve the right   to reject any investor's application based on personality clashes and/or other criteria.
We are seeking investors who will, first & foremost, appreciate and respect the fact that this was once our family home. Moreover, though Montserrat can be described as  a true gem of an island, it is not for everyone. Interested investors are advised to visit the Emerald Isle to experience its charms and idiosyncrasies first-hand prior to investing in the Montserrat Boardriders Club.

* Montserrat is on the cusp of a concerted revitalization effort.
For an informative glimpse into the future of the Emerald Isle,
please visit:

The Boardriders Surf Villa

Ideally situated on corner lot across the road from a cliff overlooking the sparkling Caribbean Sea, the Boardriders Surf Villa is located in the upscale sub-division of Old Towne. The white-washed two-story home boasts a proverbial 'million dollar view'. Entering the home and looking across the living room, the view over-looking Old Road Bay and Isles Bay is simply magnificent. The spacious outdoor verandah makes for comfortable dining and entertaining year-round. The upstairs level features two large bedrooms plus an additional smaller bedroom, enough space to sleep five. There are two bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, and laundry room. The house keeps cool by year-round tradewinds which blow through the louvred windows. There are also ceiling fans in each bedroom, the living room, kithchen, and even the outdoor verandah.
[The downstairs apartment is reserved for the property's caretaker and/or use by the owners].

The home is a mere 4 minute walk from the beach at Old Road Bay and Isles Bay which afford great swimming, snorkeling, stand-up paddling, and, of course, surfing in the winter months. One of the Island's premiere waves, Pelican Point, is a right-hander which peels off the headland at Old Road Bay.

Our plan is to refurbish the house from the top down, replacing the roof, cabinets, counter tops, sinks, and floors. The renovated Montserrat Boardriders Surf Villa will also be refurnished to include all of the amenities found in vacation rental properties, including a flat screen t.v. and entertainment center, ping pong table, and dart board for members enjoyment. The Surf Villa will also be decorated in a surf theme, featuring art, memorabilia, and decor from several eras of surfing. Our mission is to make it the most unique and desirable rental villa on Montserrat!

Amenities will include a full quiver of shortboards, longboards,     and SUP boards so that Boardrider Club members needn't travel with their boards. The Villa will also be outfitted with kayaks and mountain bikes for members' enjoyment.

The Boardriders Surf Villa will have daily housekeeping services for its members and short-term vacation renters. The services of a caterer or private chef will also be available.

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Overview of Isles Bay with Old Towne to the right
        (location of the Boardriders Surf Villa)  
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The view from the Boardriders Surf Villa's dining verandah(!)
The Boardriders Surf Villa
Carrll revels in a rare day of lefts at the fabled Belham Valley Rivermouth
   'Isla Rebel' ~ composed, performed, & produced by     Gary Robilotta from his 1998 album, Project: Montserrat
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The view from one of Montserrat's many hiking trails
Montserrat's villas are renowned